Sensual Ego Massage​:​Happy Endings

by II of Jackanapes

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the idea: one mic in middle of the room. five people managing to make up songs of different varieties from scratch with no preparations prior to the event. The intro features carly lappin singing kid cudi backwards. the heat was lyrically inspired by actual events. (we really did see two people in capes walking by a furniture store). Sakajaweeuh Cheetah was written never spoken about. just three takes and that's what happened. hot tub hot pants tells a funky sexy story of James Brown luring girls to a hot tub with fresh hot donuts & then having a serialism mental breakdown. only to be saved by his lovely ladies. our way of saying thanks for listening. kid cudi died in a coma was the first song written off the cuff both musically and lyrically. the flute is purposefully out of tune. we discovered that having everying tuned 1/4 of a step down and having a flute in a natural tuning created, first a pain or sensation in the face which then ran down into the stomach. so we left it in. hope you can stomach it. cheesburger cosmos was a live take. there is footage to prove it. this song was the result of having the title "who needs a kitchen? i've got scotch & soda" with no song. Going to heaven was recorded over two nights. the first night the record button was hit at 3 am. the second night the vocals and words were put down at 4 am. to get that drunken barroom feeling. also dusty wanted a song about a levee. the words were written during vocal takes. the basic music i.e. guitar/drums were recorded live.


released October 16, 2010

Dustin Monk - Beefheart, Byrne.
Josh Murphy - Tex Ritter, Benny Goodman
Marcus Lappin - James Brown Historian, unsung hero
Carly Lappin - soul sister, funky momma
Chris Whittman - Soul Master Magnesia, Reverb Discriminator



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Track Name: Sensual Ego Massage:Happy Endings
you guys play jazz or something?

The Heat (the kid can't take it)
two people in capes
walking by the furniture store
trying to get to Candy Cane Lane
who's gonna tell your momma you've been sending your socks to your nieces?
two jackanapes
looking for a chocolate samosa
talking to a shopping mart
who's gonna tell your momma you've been drying off your nieces socks? JACKOLANTERNS! JACKOLANTERNS!
ejaculator, ejaculate her!

Hot Tub:Hot Pants
saw you in a tube top
james brown in a tube top
ask me for some hot pants
wear em in the hot tub
hot doughnuts in the hot tub
gettin' loose in the hot tub.
give the drummer some.
good god y'all! ooh ha hey!
second verse same as the first.
yeah! come on!

Kid Cudi Died in a Coma
kid cudi died in a coma
kid cudi died busted with puffy cuffs
who's going to tell his momma?
who's going to tell her bout the puffy cuffs?

Cheeseburger Cosmos
who needs a kitchen?
i've got scotch & soda.
who needs a kitchen?
i've got perfidy placard
who you callin' chicken
i've got a Chevy Tahoe
Who needs a charcoal?
i've got a jumbotron
who needs an Eric Clapton?
i've got a Cheeseburger Cosmos.
Cheesburger Cosmos.
Mother Mary Mother Mary Mother Mary Mother Mary

Going To Heaven (legless)
i'm going to heaven
don't wait for me
i lost my legs at the levee
when it was breaking down
but soon enough i'll be up there
walking on holy ground
i'm going to heaven
don't wait for me
i lost my baby to a cabbie
down on highway 51
but i won't go back down there
i'm walking up golden stairs
to the city of the sun.

i'm going to heaven now. i won't see you for a little while.
but remember when you're on this earth, you gotta let one go once in a while. and if you spend a nickle on a camel well you always get your money's worth. don't worry about your daughters, they all know how to cash a check.